About The Blogger

My name is Syreeta.

There are many identifiers that may describe me, but I am not wholly one thing. I’ve always had a funny relationship with labels – not because they’re entirely frivolous, but because there’s not one to that’s all-encompassing.

But introductions and labels are necessary. So here are some for me:

I am a woman. I am a millennial. I am a creative. I am an Aries. I am African-American. I am an entrepreneur. I am a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, etc. I am an educator & youth advocate. I am a thrill-seeker & adrenaline junkie. I am a traveler and adventurer. I am INFP-T (apparently). I am……

Interacting with me in-person would bring up some combination of these details, though likely not all at once. Some things you’d assess on your own, some I’d have to tell you, and others you’d learn however else, if ever. Tomorrow the full combination will change. There is always flux – additions, subtractions, edits, and constants as I journey through life and evolve with experiences.

This blog is a space focused on a specific facet of my life.

I am deaf.

So let’s focus on The Volume Buttons.

My journey with sound is _____ (here I am struggling with descriptors again). For the first 7 or so years of my life, things were “normal” (and I use that term loosely – if you know me, you can probably feel my slight sarcasm). Since then, I’ve suffered sudden sensorineural hearing loss… twice.

In 2nd grade, I had my first bout with hearing loss: severe-profound in my left ear and moderate-severe in my right ear. I wore traditional hearing aids in my right ear (BTE as a youth and ITC as a teen and adult) and the left ear was unaided.

On December 24, 2016, I had my second major hearing loss experience. Both ears were then classified as profound loss.

Both times were sudden (overnight) and my diagnosis was sudden sensorineural hearing loss. There were no preceding symptoms and a cause was never identified either instances.

I underwent bilateral cochlear implant surgery on May 3, 2017 and was activated on June 2, 2017.

There is a *hoard* of story to fill the 20-year gap between hearing 1 and hearing 2… and I am working on continuing it.

The Volume Buttons is my narrative.