On this day one year ago…

I woke up deaf.

Today is the one year anniversary of a life-transforming realization that has grown into a soul-shifting experience. I’m not sure this occasion will ever pass without reflection. Ironically, I’m not the best with remembering dates – I often need context or little reminders to remember birthdays and the like, yet this is a imprint on my personal timeline that’s tough to forget. Not only will it always fall on the day before Christmas, but it’s also the mark of an undeniable change.

A new chapter began.

… It’s been quite a while since I last posted to this blog. 20+ drafts and topic cues are still tucked away and patiently awaiting my attention. Although time ticks away, it doesn’t pass with complete disregard for what I began here.I am still developing the ideas for what I want this to blossom into (and how I can motivate myself to be consistent in it). Yet, with gratitude, I can admit that I’ve been busy. (I often say that I’d rather be busy than bored.) Despite what happened one year ago today, life has afforded me the opportunities to carry on.

I am here.

I am evolving.

I am more me than I was at this precise moment last year.

There is much that I still wish to share here. There is so much more story. As I reflect on the last 365 days, a portion of me can roll my feelings into one simple category: thankful.

The other part of me wants to peel back the layers. The latter is what I will save for another time. To keep this anniversary tribute short and sweet… I just want to say thank you.

If you’ve supported me, checked on me, wished me well… If you’ve been patient with me, remembered to text instead of call, made a call for me when I couldn’t myself… If you’ve (re)affirmed my character & strength, loved on me, hugged on me… If you’ve listened to me ramble as I roam through the words that may somehow express how I’m feeling… If you’ve truly, honestly, and genuinely asked how I’m doing and accepted the answer when it wasn’t a frivolous “I’m fine.” 

If you’ve put effort into actually trying to understand.

Or if you haven’t.

I’ve learned an incredible amount over the course of 365 sunrises & sunsets. There have been ascensions and falls, just like that mighty star in the sky. But when reminded of perspective, we remember its existence is a constant. It remains there even when we don’t see its light or feel its warmth. And I’m still here just the same.

your journey won’t always be a beautiful one. your journey won’t always be an obvious one. your journey won’t always be an easy one. but. it will be a worthwhile one.
– melissa tripp, from “root”

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