Pause | Thank you

This wasn’t an originally scheduled post, but I have to slide it in. I have to say ‘Thank you.’

To all those who have read, reached out, commented, sent their well wishes and support… Thank you. It’s meaningful beyond measure.

There were a lot of comments thanking me for sharing and, in my awkwardness, I just want to reply back “thank you for receiving”… (and we continue a vicious cycle of back-and-forth thanking until someone just forfeits.)

There were also a lot of mentions of the word “brave,” which I didn’t expect. I never thought about that part –  how much courage it takes to be open. It was interesting to repeatedly get this reaction because, above all else, this just feels necessary. For more reasons than one.

After explaining to my friend, Kasha, that I didn’t consider this aspect until people pointed it out, she went on to explain why the word “brave” is suitable: “Because others don’t embrace things that are unfamiliar so being able to express freely is brave.”

Well. Wow… I never paused to consider a fear of sharing. Outside of a slight nanosecond nervous tinge before hitting the share button on Facebook, there was nothing. When I’m actually typing these posts, it’s not a moment enveloped in anxious emotions, although I’m not sure how to describe the feeling. Overall, the potential is what motivates me; it’s all about what others may find in these words. Maybe there is some fear present, but it is overshadowed by potential.

One of my favorite quotes is from Audre Lorde: “Your silence will not protect you.” It can be interpreted many ways with and without the original context. In general, I believe it to mean that sometimes the most difficult narratives provide the foundation for the greatest growth – of the individual and community. Applied to The Volume Buttons, I take it to mean that secrecy won’t change my situation. So… I might as well share.

Thanks for listening. There’s a heckuva lot more. Stay tuned…


“when i am afraid to speak

is when i speak.

that is when it is most important.”

-the freedom in fear

from salt. by nayyirah waheed



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